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Real Street Buy In

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  • $ 40

Real Street Rules 2020 and Beyond

Race officials will be: Dino Mendoza & David Ruiz (626) 476- 9062

Cruise Rules

At any time during the race, the officials reserve to right to collect fuel samples that will be sent for testing. Violators will be banned for the year/season

20-mile cruise the day of the race is MANDATORY! 

  • To participate in the cruise/race you must pay ahead of time to secure your spot
  • You can purchase your spot at or Cash to Dino or David
  • No stops, fixing or refuels during the cruise
  • Breakdown during the cruise will eliminate you
  • Must show up with empty gas tank to refill at the gas station where the cruise starts
  • Gas tanks will be sealed for cruise
  • Entry fee must be submitted no later than the time of the street cruise
  • No driver swaps! (same driver for cruise & race)


Engine and Vehicle Restrictions

  • Weight for engine combinations as follows:
  • Light (1738=82mm crank shaft X 94mm cylinder bore)
  • Medium (1775 lbs= 84mm CS X 94 mm CB)
  • Heavy (1825 lbs= 86 mm CS X 94 mm CB)
  • 91 octane max (No E85)
  • All factory-style: steel fiberglass, body parts are OK as long they are bolted like stock body parts. NO dzus on body panels anywhere. Package tray areas and the shell of the VW must not be cut out. Must run with decklid on. No more than a 10in gap between decklid and body (complete cars)
  • Minimum trimming in the engine compartment and rear apron allowed 
  • Min 2 seats required- must have front door panels (matching seats or a stock passenger seat)
  • All Motor (carburated only)
  • No power adders 
  • No Fuel Injection 
  • No mixed fuels (No octane boosters or fuel additives)
  • No fuel chillers (in the vehicle)
  • No vacuum pump
  • No roller camshaft
  • No dry sumps (must be wet, stock or deep sump)
  • No wheelie bars
  • No clutch management of any kind 
  • No spool 
  • STOCK VW dual-port intake stud location only! The manifold cannot be oversized (intake stud itself)
  • Functioning 4 wheel brakes required 
  • DOT tires allowed all-around 235 60 15 max on the rear (cheaters, or street radials)
  • Engine cooling system must remain in the engine at all times, fan belt could be removed (Stock shroud or 911 style allowed)
  • 48 MM bore carburetor as max
  • The carburetor may have 48.0mm throttle plates with 44 mm venturi or smaller
  • IDA, IDF, DRLA, replicas & copies are allowed. Mods are OK as long as they remain mechanical and keeps boosters and has throttle plates
  • Stock transmission location, no 1inch raise
  • IRS trailing arms, 1inch narrow allowed
  • No raise or narrowing of torsion housing allowed
  • Type 2 transmission allowed must be within 1 inch of the stock location
  • No E.T. trigger in front of the car. (front bumper, T-bar or no bumpers is OK)
  • No chop tops, roof sectioning, channeling, or shortening of floor pan or body
  • Standard wheelbase, no scattered front wheels


Race Day Rules

  • Registration and insurance required *will be checked at the buy-in
  • Fuel will be checked for octane levels for finalist and #1 qualifier 
  • 1/8 mile Heads Up
  • Pro-light “pro.004”
  • Repairs during the race are ok, as long as it is policed by our class official and another Real Street Racer participating in the race of the day
    • Must replace with similar part- not of higher performance
  • 40$ buy-in on an 8 car field the winner will get 200$ and the runner-up 120$ on top of the sponsorship money
  • Winner and runner up’s engines will be pumped at each race to ensure the integrity of the class
  • All vehicles must roll across the scales at the time of tech with every pass you want to be validated and for points purposes
  • One warning during qualifying if the car doesn't have a roll cage if the car runs an illegal number during eliminations automatic DQ
  • swapping wheels between cruise and race is ok as long as the tires on the track are DOT
  • finalists will have to drain their entire fuel system. Officials will provide 2.5 gallons for each contender of the final round


All vehicles must meet NHRA safety requirements per E.T. and MPH ran



Be respectful to the race director the Periscope Racing Association and the track officials “talking trash” on Facebook or elsewhere is not going to make you quicker or faster on Race day -we are encouraging a peaceful, positive racing family atmosphere. Thank you


Our Sponsors


CHICO Performance Racing $200 (winner) LAT Racing Oils- Case of oil (winner)

 GEERS Engineering ($100 Best light) Volkstroke Racing ($100 Winner + Merch)


Triple Crown Championship Point System

20 points for CRUISE and passing tech inspection

            10 points for attempting to qualify

Qualifying positions as follows:


8 car field:

16 car field




















Bonus points:

#1 qualifier in each round will receive 3 bonus points

# 2 qualifier will receive 2 point

 #3 qualifier will receive 1 point

2points awarded to the highest MPH of the day, qualifying or elimination

Race Points:

8 Car field

16 car field

Winner 100

Winner 100

Runner 80

Runner 80

Second round loser 60

Third round loser 60

First round loser 40

Second Round 40 -First Round 20




EMPI and Bozzani VW Dealership

First place winner of championship receives $750

Second place $250

Awards will be given at Sherly Bros Museum